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With Light & Gold, Eric Whitacre has released his first album for Universal. The inventor of YouTube’s Virtual Choir allows audiophil interesting insight into his life.

Ann Kathrin Bronner: Eric, what is your first memory with music? Or with singing?

Eric Whitacre: My first memory with music? I remember being three or four years old. And I didn’t know what it was. I didn’t know classical music until I was eighteen. But my grandmother was playing on a record player – I realise now what it was: It was the Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody – and I remember of running around her house just screaming. I was so excited, this was the greatest thing ever. So, I have this very, very strong memory of her, of the way the house smelt, and of the sound of the music. My first experience singing really was when I was 18 and I joined the choir for the first time in university. mehr…